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Undisclosed Desires

28th Mar 2014 (3:55 pm) - Reblogged from Images and Words

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that it only takes one person, one patient, one moment to change your life forever; to change your perspective, color your thinking; to force you to reevaluate everything you think you know; to make you ask yourself the toughest questions. Do you know who you are? Do you understand what has happened to you? Do you want to live this way?
- Cristina Yang (via charmingpanda)

28th Mar 2014 (3:21 pm) - Reblogged from Charming Thoughts of a Charming Panda


Happy Anniversary, dear Meredith and Derek fandom! 9 years ago their epic journey started. From a one night stand to married with two kids. ♥


28th Mar 2014 (3:19 pm) - Reblogged from It was fate or whatever, they had to be together.

You know your tailbone? It used to be a tail. That pink part in the corner of your eye? Your third eyelid. The appendix used to help us digest tough foods. Now it does nothing. The story of our evolution is the story of what we leave behind, what we’ve discarded. Our bodies only hang on to the things we absolutely need. The things we no longer have use for, we give up, we let go.

Why does it feel so good to get rid of things? To unload? To let go? Maybe because when we see how little we need to survive, it makes us realize how powerful we actually are. To strip down to what we really need. To hang on to only what we can’t do without. Not just to survive but to thrive.
- Meredith Grey (Season10, Ep.15-Throwing It All Away)

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7th Mar 2014 (1:39 pm) - Reblogged from Images and Words

Looking back, it’s easy to see when a mistake has been made. To regret a choice that seemed like a decent idea at the time. But if we used our best judgment and listened to our hearts, we’re more likely to see that we chose wisely. And avoided the deepest, most painful regret of them all - the regret that comes from letting something amazing pass you by.
- Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo)
Grey’s Anatomy 10x13 “Take It Back” (via besttvquotes)

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28th Feb 2014 (3:29 pm) - Reblogged from The slow dance of the infinite stars

The truth is that I welcome the chaos in my life. The everyday problems that come and go like the waves of the ocean. My mind is preoccupied with them from the small insignificant ones to the ones that blindside me and leave me breathless. I welcome the chaos because I become terrified when everything in my life lines up perfectly. When the odds are in my favor. When everything goes according to plan. When I have every reason to be happy. Those moments terrify me because I know that my mind is no longer preoccupied with my problems and I am left alone to face my demons. Nothing to blame. Just me and my own demons.
- (I.O)
02/15/2014 (via ilovivet)

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18th Feb 2014 (12:13 am) - Reblogged from Just a small town girl...